The Top 6 NERF Guns on the Market in 2017

Expert Nerf GunnerIn an office or home NERF warfare, you want to be the one to have the best nerf gun and blast your opponents with darts. But which of these nerf blasters should you be owning?

NERF guns vary in power, size, ammo type, ammo capacity, and price. An 8-year old may struggle to handle a huge fully automatic rifle, while a 12-year old kid might find a single-shot pistol unimpressive.

There is a wide variety of nerf blasters available today, and other large retailers even offer exclusives that you only get to discover when you really take the time to shop around.

To make sure that you are well armed, here is a list of the best nerf guns that you can buy.

6. NERF Elite Jolt

This single-shot, manual powered NERF gun is the best undercover blaster when the ammo of all your bigger guns has ran out. The jolt shoots in long distances¬†while still having the right power. And it’s an under a fiver NERF gun!

However, it can only hold one dart, so it is better to aim it rightly before you shoot it.

5. NERF Elite Strongarm

Load up the superb revolving barrel with the six-dart shooter in manual, rapid-fire action enabler (Slam Fire). this NERF gun is also featured with a tactical rail for you to add other items to it.


4. NERF Elite Crossbolt

If you want to go medieval, opt for this crossbolt. This crossbolt does not use the normal NERF method of having a spring to compress the air for firing.
Instead, it has working crossbow arms and a flexible spring for popping the darts out of the barrel. IT has an incredible 12-shot magazine to keep you
firing in the middle of the battle.

3. NERF Modulus Tri-Strike

This NERF gun has the standard 10-shot clip blaster, but you can also choose the bolting two-in-one-shot pump action launcher of the Mega darts. Lastly,
there is a Missile launcher which has a shoulder stock or can be used as a standalone weapon.

The magazine release, however, is a bit complicated to use, so this NERF is not ideal for younger ones, but aside from that, it is a mega fun blaster for any kind of NERF battle.

Nerf gun sniper

2. NERF Rival Zeus

The Rival Zeus is ideal for kids aged 14 and above. It has a 12-shot clip in a fully automatic firing. The drawback, however, is the time it takes for you to reload, but there are also spare clips available in stores so it is better to have them, too.

1. NERF Elite Hyperfire

The fastest-firing NERF blaster ever made with a 25-shot drum clip that fires at five standard darts per second in a fully automatic firing is the number
one on the list. The NERF Elite Hyperfire is perfect for raining down darts to your opponent.

They say there aren’t enough darts when it comes to NERF battle.¬†So, stock up on tons of ammo, bring extra cartridges and tons of backup firepower. Your team will be sure to win when you equip one of these high-powered beauties.