How to Pick Your Sport

Picking a sport is mostly done in the years when we are younger. Millions of kids aging from 3-15 years old are already fond of watching a particular sport. In America, kids love watching baseball, soccer, American football, and etc. Just like how we want to be a doctor, an engineer, or a teacher after watching films and movies of them, we also like to be players of a particular sport. If you are an adult yet you still don’t know what sport you should be engaging with, then don’t worry because it is not yet too late for you. Anyone can play any sport and no matter what age you are already, there’s always a particular game fit for you. Here are things you need to consider in picking your sport.


One of the factors you need to take into account in picking your own sport is your age. There are sports suited for children and teenagers and sports suited for adults and elderly. Soccer, for example, is not very much suitable for elderly for it requires more energy from running and excessive activities. Soccer is a very exhausting game if you think you can run back and forth for in a soccer field for 90 min, then you can pick soccer. Chess, golf, and badminton are some of the games where elderly ones can still play for it only require a few amount of their energy.

Team or I

Another factor is the “team or me” things. It is about whether you like playing alone or together with a team. There are people who don’t want to play together with other people and opt sports like chess, billiard, and some other individual sports. For those people who finds playing with a team interesting, volleyball, basketball, and soccer are just some of the few team sports for you.

Indoor or Outdoor

The next factor to be considered is the exposure to the outside environment. There are people who like to be outside, under the heat of the sun, or just inside a particular infrastructure. If you like to play outdoor games then beach volleyball, tennis, and soccer are suited for you. Else, if you like indoor games, chess, badminton, basketball, and some others suit you.

Free or Costly

The last factor would be the cost of participating in that sport. Gold is a very luxurious sport and it would require a lot of money, same with car racing and motorcycling racing. If you start with just simple games, you can have chess, badminton, and volleyball, which only requires a few amount of money.