Fun Indoor Games with Nerf Guns

Have your kids play with their friends and siblings indoors with nerf guns. Playing will not only make them happy but will also build their character. In the end, it will also be beneficial to you.

When we think about toy guns and shooting, we associate it with an outdoor activity. But nerf guns use soft bullets that are safe for kids and won’t destroy ay indoor furniture and appliances.

So during the rainy days or the cold winter season where kids have to stay indoors, gather everyone and their friends, and let them have adventurous games with the best nerf guns.

Fun Indoor Games with Nerf

Here are the fun indoor games that your kids, and possibly you, too, can do with the best nerf guns:

1. Shoot the Zombie Helium

This is a fun game and also a way of practicing your shooting skills. Get about five balloons, and inflate them with helium. You may draw different faces on the balloons or even put on some costume to them. Then tie a string on each of them and have them locked on the floor. Set yourself some distance from the balloons and start shooting them.

2. North Korea vs. South Korea

Divide the team into to unequal members. The team with fewer members are the South Korean team and use the best nerf guns. The team with more members are the North Korean team, and they use the smaller nerf guns. Move the furniture, set up some curtains, turn off some of the lights, and start the battle.

3. Protect the President

This game is like chess in such a way that the king has to be protected by the other pieces of the game. In this case, there will have a “president” with only one pistol nerf gun with him. The president has two bodyguards with stronger weapons. The task is to safely take the president from one destination to another. The bodyguards should protect the president with all the effort they can. The game is over when the president is hit by the assassins.

4. Zombies vs. Humans

Have the same number of nerf guns as the number of players in the game. You will have a referee where he is the one to place the guns in the different rooms and assign who are the zombies and the humans. After placing the guns, each player will then draw a paper where the name of the room and his role (zombie or human) is written. They will then have to split up not knowing who their teammates are until when they are already in the middle of the game when they meet along the battle and have to confirm if they have te same team or not.

5. Protect the Baby

This is almost the same with the game “Protect the President,” but with a twist of mechanics. The baby can just be a stuffed toy or any portable mannequin. The two bodyguards with the best nerf guns should carry the baby and safely take the baby from one place to another, while kidnappers try to steal the child. The kidnappers should knock down all the bodyguards while keeping the baby safe. If they shoot the baby, the game is over, and the bodyguards win.


Don’t let the bad weather stop your kids from playing. Get the best nerf guns and join them with their friends and be the best parent that you can be.