Dangerous Sports

If there is the category of the best sports in the world, there is also the category of the most dangerous sports in the world. These sports are considered to be a risk in the lives of the players for there are a lot of casualties reported. Forums and community debates are arguing whether these sports should be stopped or should continue with more strict rules. However, base on statistics, these sports will be hard to eliminate given that there are billions of fans who enjoy watching the sports. The ranking of the most dangerous sports in the world was based on how many deaths were reported.

Base Diving

The most dangerous among them all is Base Diving with 489 reported deaths as of 2016. Jumping off a cliff or a building is surely as scary as ever. Base Diving belongs to the extreme sports category, so extreme that you will risk your life just for fun. Skydiving is much safer than base diving for it has ample time of landing as to base diving, only a short amount of time is acquired. The deaths are caused by parachute deployment failures as well as crashing into major obstacles like power lines, mountains, and much more.


Soccer although the best sport in the world, ranks second as the most dangerous sport. A casualty count of 167 deaths as of 2016 was reported in soccer due to injuries, pitch contact, concussion and cardiac arrest. Soccer is a tiring game with multiple players running over a very wide area, back and forth. Also, since it is about kicking the ball, thousand of ACL, bruises, shin splints, and more injuries suffered while playing the game.

Motorcycle Racing

The third among the most dangerous sport is motorcycle racing with a total death count of 154 as of 2016. These deaths were caused by motorcycling crashing with each other or being hit by 120 miles per hour speeding motorcycle after tumbling down. But still, many people want to watch this type of sport most especially on the field itself where they can feel the wind coming from the swirling motorcycles and hear the raging noises of the vehicles.

Car Racing

Car racing ranks as the fourth most dangerous sport of all time with 88 reported deaths as of 2016, mostly caused by a car crashing or exploding machines and parts of the car. Although the speeds of the cars are at 175 miles per hour, it is much safer than motorcycle racing since the drivers are protected by the walls of the car.