How to Choose the Perfect Diabetic Footwear for You

The Need to Use Diabetic Footwear

As we all know, several kinds of complications are caused by diabetes. One of these complications is lower limb disease that deteriorates at a rapid rate if not addressed properly.

Due to failure to tend to this kind of disease immediately, the average rate of limbs that are amputated because of diabetes has increased up to 60% in the United States.

This means that if the patient is diabetic, the chances of his limbs to be amputated are 10 to 30 times higher than that of a normal person.

This is why it is best for those to consider wearing diabetic footwear with special needs since their feet might be suffering from harsh symptoms of sensitivity, skin breakdowns, and poor circulation.

Diabetic footwear is known to have the ability to decrease and even stop the complications from occurring.

These kinds of shoes are created in order for the person with diabetes to not have foot sores or ulcers. It even has the ability to offer strong and firm support to the foot.

The Need to Use Diabetic Footwear

Different Characteristics of Diabetic Footwear

These types of shoes are created to cater several components to achieve the highest comfort that your feet deserve.

They are designed to offer support and to make sure that it is neither painful nor inconvenient for anyone who desires to wear these shoes.

The shoes are able to provide comfort in a way that they support the feet by cupping and flexing the heel, which in turn provides ideal arch support.

It also helps by means of complimenting the natural cushioning of the body in the generously padded heel.

With a broader toe bed, the toes are given more room and comfort particularly on instances where they get swollen.

With this foot bed, the circulation of the blood and the foot itself is not strained and compromised; hence, the toes are not compromised and cramped.

It also offers long-term protection by keeping your feet dry and less prone to pain caused by the potential developing of sores. It provides the kind of support that cannot be found in any other normal shoes.

With this kind of shoes, you will be astounded as to how comfortable it feels. It allows you to be more mobile and versatile so that you can move around longer.

How to Choose the Perfect Diabetic Footwear for You

Other Ways You Can Follow

However, you cannot solely rely on the shoes alone. You also need to apply some home remedies to make sure that your feet are taken care of. You can start by using warm water when washing your feet.

Make sure to practice careful observations and see if your feet had undergone any current sores, bruises, or cuts. You can use emery board in lessening the corns and callouses.

Moreover, always wear slippers and shoes to protect your feet from any injuries. Religiously wear your socks and trim your toenails twice a month to avoid the building up of germs and bacteria in your nails.

Lastly, check your shoes and see if there are other sharp objects that might damage your foot. 

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