Best Sports in the World

Sports have always been part of our lives. The way in Ancient times, sports was part of any event, celebration, etc. Sport is one of the oldest forms of entertainment that human beings have. As the years passed by, sports evolved from a simple form of entertainment to a passion or a profession. There are a lot of places in the world where they train students only in the field of the sport they like in exchange for the name they’ll bring to the country or the place.

The best sport in the world may be the most watched or the most played. In obtaining the ranking of these sports, statisticians use 20 different criteria and averaged them all.


Soccer or Association football ranked as the best sport in the world. It is estimated that more than 3.5 billion of people are fond of watching soccer live or on television. 4 of the largest contents namely Europe, Asia, America, and Africa have the most engagements and views from a national competition of Soccer.


Basketball ranked third as the best sport in the world with an estimate of 2.2 billion fans from specific countries like America, China, Canada, and the Philippines. The most famous worldwide event is the NBA or the National Basketball Association where all basketball players around the world compete with each other to attain the trophy.


Tennis or Lawn Tennis rank fifth as the best sport in the world with more than a billion fans. Europe, America, and Asia are three of the contents with the most fans. Tennis can be played double or single depending on the category. Surely, a lot of people like a ball being volleyed between two sides.


Speaking of volleying of the ball, here is Volleyball. Rank sixth as the best sport in the world. With almost 1 billion fans from Asia, America, Europe, and Australia. Volleyball can be categorized into men and women division. But the most popular between those categories is the women’s division for a very obvious reason.


Baseball ranks eight with just half a billion fans from all over US, Japan, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Baseball is a team sport played by either men or women or both.


The top 10 of the best sport in the world is Golf. 390 million people from Europe, Asia, America, and Canada are fans of Golf. Mostly, elderly people are the ones participating in golf for it requires some money to buy the equipment. It is a luxurious type of sport and one of the most expensive sports.