2017 Super Bowl History

Falcons Vs. Patriots 2017 SuperbowlThe Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in America. The motto may be that baseball is America’s favorite pass time, but football draws a crowd like no other. This year was no different as the Falcons geared up to take on the Patriots, and tensions were high.

During the regular season, the teams play against each other to determine who is the best that year. But, because there are so many teams and the regular season is only a few months long, each team cannot play each other. To solve this predicament the NFL, which stands for National Football League, split the teams into two divisions.

What Are the Two Divisions of the NFL?

The first division that we have is the AFC, which means American Football Conference. 16 teams play within this league, and all throughout the regular season, they battle against each other to determine who has the best team that year.

The second division is the NFC, which stands for National Football Conference, and this division also contains 16 teams. They compete against each other the same way that the AFC does, trying to determine who has the best team in their division that year.

The winner of the two divisions then moves on to battle each other in the Super Bowl, the biggest football game of the entire year. Only the best of the best make it to the Super Bowl to fight it out for the championship. Not only do the winners get to walk away with the glory of knowing that they have beaten the best team from the other division and that they are the reigning champion for the year, but they also get the coveted Superbowl ring.

Winner Takes All Super Bowl Ring!

Steelers Super Bowl XL RingRight now the Pittsburgh Steelers have the most rings, totaling six. While this might not seem like a high number, it means that they fought hard all season to win their division championship and then took on the champion from the opposite division to walk away as the winner of the Super Bowl.

This year the Falcons, who have never won a Super Bowl, fought against the New England Patriots, who have five Super Bowl rings. The game started out looking like the Falcons were going to slaughter the Patriots, and the score quickly added up. At half-time, the Falcons were up 21 points, and it seemed a lock for the win. There had never been a team come back during the Super Bowl that had a 10 point deficit, but leave it to Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots, to say a prayer so strong that by the end of the fourth quarter it was a tie game, 28-28.

Super Bowl History

This was the first time that the Super Bowl had ever gone into overtime, and the Patriots won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. They ended up scoring a touchdown during their possession, and won the game, locking in their fifth Super Bowl ring.

Regardless of what reason you have for watching the Super Bowl, be it the game itself, the halftime show, or the commercials that play during the game, it is one of the most watched sporting events of the year.